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    Mike, thanks for explaining about bandwidth.

    I was trying to make the point that when it comes to posting music videos, if you're still new to the MS board (or returning after a long absence), it's probably best to post them sparingly. It was a question of quantity--especially since the frequent posting of music videos had been an issue only recently (February) on the MS board, when another new/returning member was perhaps trying too hard to lighten up the place with music videos.

    My feeling is that most of the regular members on the MS board don't have a problem with anyone posting music videos. A couple have problems getting them to work on uncooperative computers but I believe most people are glad that members have a chance to share music with others. nuthatch has very thoughtfully set up a special thread for that purpose.

    I was just trying to point out that, particularly if you're not already known on the board, a little goes a long way, and why not proceed with caution? And if you've been posting in a hostile tone often, maybe you ought to be even more careful...

    As you say, we can't tell other people how to post, and that's good. I believe that when I asked someone to post some introductory information, I made it clear that that was entirely optional.

    About GTFO: Well, you wanted to get your readers' attention, and it was an important warning you were issuing ("be respectful or gtfo"). But I think SuzE-Q has made some important points.
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