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    Hi I am honey dew, I have central pain syndrome, DISH syndrome, bulging discs and bony growths in my back. Chronic pain patient . I have a form of tourettes that came on after a dose of antibiotic avelox, one pill and I developed severe tics verbal and physical like a half hour later. I take TENEX for that and I took risperdal for a long time before the tics calmed down to a manageable level. I believe that the avelox also caused the central pain syndrome. I recently had back surgery. For spinal stenosis. I am still in severe pain from the surgery. I take norcos 10/325 roboxin and lyrica for the pain. I recently removed mscontin from my med list and it was a mistake I don't think I can fix as my back Dr doesn't want me to continue with it. I am calling him today about the pain I am going through and see what he says. My appointment isn't until next week.

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    Nice to meet you, Im Katee

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