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Thread: yep its all my fault

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    between a rock & a hard place

    Default yep its all my fault

    oh jeeze now i remember! !! ieach time i posted i was rude. Oooooh. Really. In all honesty can BT really say this?


    I hope that Adolf & Ava are doing fine. (you know who you are)

    If thats what you guys like good for you. To me that is ****ed!
    The early bird catches the worms~~~~~that means, I wake up early and have worms. lol

    That's my son's words of wisdom to me! ! lol

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    I think folks are taking time yesterday and today to put the pieces together, read what you have written over the past week and try to understand what is happening. We need to cut some slack when you are feeling as poorly as you say you are and you, in turn need to cut some slack for another poster who has upset you. She has been through hell and back in the past few months and we have almost lost her to death a couple of times in the past year. Not a good combination. I really don't think anyone is 'stalking " you. I'm not even sure you were "rude". Hang in, take a deep breath, read for a while and resist the urge to answer everything and everyone and things will quiet and normalize. Many of us remember you from years ago and as we refresh memories, others are remembering so hang in. We will work all this out.

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    If anyone is upset about the deletion of this thread and its reappearance, apparently one of the moderators thought that Infrared Charlotte had been name-calling with the "Adolph and Ava" [=Eva] reference. When this mod learned that the reference was to someone's previous post about having a couple of pets (dogs?) named after Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun, that probably was why the thread was restored.

    It's so very easy to misunderstand one another on the Internet!
    MS, diagnosed 1980. Avonex 2001-2004. Copaxone 2006-2009.

    "Always put off until tomorrow whatever you think you should do today." --Anonymous

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    Dear Forum Members,

    I'd like to bring up a few points from BrainTalk's "Terms of Service" (ToS) that perhaps haven't been read in a while.

    A few points about compassion, tolerance, and personal beliefs...
    These forums are like REAL communities in the REAL world...they are filled with people with different opinions about many different things. This includes different opinions about religion, politics, science, favorite colors, ...everything!
    Now, these forums are MOST IMPORTANTLY filled with people dealing with DIFFICULT medical problems. Serious medical problems that can cause emotional distress and even chronic physical pain.
    This is a PRIMARY cause for ARGUMENTS, because it can cause people to say things they might not REALLY mean...this can cause people to post things sometimes out of ANGER....and this ANGER is MOST OFTEN NOT really intended as anger towards individual people. This anger arises because people are angry at the DISEASE, or angry BECAUSE the disease can make them short-tempered and frustrated.
    Sadly,, this can sometimes translate into arguments....flame sessions between people of different opinions...and anger that can appear to be directed at other people. Arguments happen! That's OK. We're human beings, and we sometimes argue.
    Please remember how this anger can start, and please try to STOP it when it flares up out of control.
    Feel free to AGREE to DISAGREE with people. But you MUST let people have their opinion and allow them to state it without attacking them personally.
    These forums are for SUPPORT. And the ONLY way we can get that support is if we follow the path of TOLERANCE for ALL beliefs, be they spiritual or simple matters of opinion. Without tolerance and acceptance, there will never be ANY support for anyone. And if someone sounds irrationally angry and a bit argumentative, REMEMBER that they are most likely dealing with a serious medical issue, and try to understand the REAL medical reasons they might be angry... The real purpose of these forums is to extend knowledge and support to people who have concerns with neurological problems, in a warm, caring, kind, and sheltered environment. One where people feel safe to come and talk about their problems, and share.
    Abusive posts, attacks, "slamming," and obscenities (irrelevant of context or cultural attachments) have no place here.
    This is the reason I temporarily deleted a thread. Attacking people is not allowed. I took an hour to find Howie's post about his pets named "Adolph and Ava" to make sure the reference was about pets. Then I restored the thread. Deleting a thread is a serious matter and we only do it for the reasons quoted above.

    I am sorry there seems to be a problem on this usually vibrant and supportive forum.

    Moderators read the forums, but as I wrote, we don't interfere with the content unless it becomes abusive or people are attacking each other.

    As far as I understand (being the newest moderator), there are no rules as to how many "OT" (off topic) threads there can be, just as long as people are courteous and label them "OT". It does make common sense that if you're going to post on a specific topic, i.e., "recipes", "songs I like", "inspirational quotes", etc., that they be in one thread. If members do not post on a thread, the thread goes down the thread page. Some threads are short-lived, some are long, like your monthly "Chit Chat" thread. Threads take on a life of their own. If someone gets off topic, a future poster will get back on topic. There are no "programs" for threads or posts.

    In my respectful opinion:

    You all know we have talked about getting new members to BrainTalk. For lurkers checking out this forum, it would be difficult for them to decide if they would fit in, as some members seem to be having. Seeing people leave the forums (and that is their choice, there are other ways to avoid conflict), might also discourage new members. All the members of any forum are the potential "welcoming committee" for new members and your posts and threads tell the story of your forum.

    I feel sad because:

    Charlotte is not getting support and Uppitycats is not getting support.

    Getting support for our medical problems is why BT exists. When we forget that, we all have a problem.

    Thank you for reading this.

    Last edited by Moderator #7; 02-08-2016 at 12:11 PM.

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    Mod 7, you have a TOUGH job, but you are great at it.

    Adolf and Eva were indeed my two cats. They had no last names.

    If I have said or done anything inappropriate, I sincerely apologize.

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