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Thiamin: Thiamin is a coenzyme necessary for many of the bodyís enzymes to work properly. One of the main uses of thiamin is the conversion of carbohydrates to energy. Thiamin is also essential for the health of the neurological system, which is of particular importance for individuals with CP.
Body-Based Therapy
In body-based therapy, bones, joints, and other parts of the body are manipulated by hand to improve the symptoms of CP. Common therapies include massage and spinal manipulation.
Mind-Body Therapy
This therapy method uses mental therapy to boost the bodyís feeling of wellness. Common therapies for CP include yoga, guided imagery, relaxation, and meditation. Mind-body therapy may also help improve muscle control at the same time.
Movement Therapies
Movement therapy is helpful for cerebral palsy patients who have trouble with fine motor skills. Movement therapy varies from exercise like Pilates to dance. Controlled movement can go a long way toward alleviating some of the muscle-related symptoms of cerebral palsy.

I do many things like this myself for anybody who was wondering what my various therapies were.