Hi all

Im sorry for the title of this new thread. My story is rather long...I have a rare situation in that at the age of 19 I developed a tight muscle in my neck..the neck muscle is tight. Originally they thought it was dystonia but then decided it was just a tight muscle.

Over time the tightness of muscle spread to my back and legs and then to my neck and face. I was put on baclofen in 2007 for a few weeks and had horrific withdrawal..im still recovering from the withdrawal all these years later. Im over the worst.

However as time goes on my nervous system will go back to normal and all the spasms I once had will come back (My neurologist is almost certain of this)....the tightness in pretty much my whole body will return..Im 46. I guess I could try a chiropractor to try to move the tightness from my face if they can achieve this.

My question is that I will probably need to go back on another muscle relaxant for life....This is quite a daunting thought for me so wanted support and advise on how to cope with this. I know that these meds lead to other issues...

I just need some emotional support if anything from people who have been through this and how to manage my current anxiety of this possibility. Im concerned about what would happen many years down the line being on muscle relaxants and wanted advise on my anxiety.

Sorry for the length of this. Pleased to be on the forum.