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    Default OT Lazy Cooking with Cat!

    So here we go. Nothing like a cozy cooking program to get us through a cold snowy winter...well, maybe not snowy for everyone. And surprising enough, not here in central Wisconsin yet, which is MOST unusual for mid December!

    Anyway, Lazy Cooking with Cat is intended to be YOUR thread. I'll certainly toss in my easy recipes, but you should feel free to do the same. Also add in anything you might have done to simplify your activities in the kitchen (besides using the phone to call out for deliveries. I suspect we all have the local pizza place and Chinese place on speed dial! Safety tips would be good, too. (Howie, staying out of the kitchen except for a path to a refrigerator will count.)

    I got around to the ham today. Already talked about cooking it; Basically throw it cut side down in a pan, throw pan in oven, 325, for 15 minutes a pound. Cooking nicely. About to scrub up a couple of sweet potatoes, cut out any bad spots (why do they seem to always have bad spots??), and toss them in the oven with the ham. I really don't like sweet potatoes with marshmallows and other sticky stuff on them...I just butter them, toss in some cumin sometimes, put them in a dish and bake them. They're plenty sweet...that's why they're called SWEET potatoes! :)

    Then we have some baby carrots and tiny tomatoes for a side. Tom Cat likes those, dipped in ranch dressing. That'll be dinner here....

    Leftover ham can be used for LOTS of things. I'll share some of those recipes tomorrow...when I have leftover ham..
    ...I am not a doctor nor medical professional, and don't pretend to be one, here... :o

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