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Thread: OT Lazy Cooking with Cat!

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    Quote Originally Posted by agate View Post
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    So sorry the tomatoes didn't turn out for you this time, jendie. Maybe another time. I've heard that tomatoes are tricky to grow though I tried them only once briefly. I think I had one tomato plant and I don't think it bore. A victim of my neglect, I'm sure.

    A question for people here--about sun butter or sunflower butter.

    Maybe everyone has been eating sun(flower) butter for ages but I heard of it only recently and found out it (a) is meant to be a substitute for peanut butter and other nut butters when there are people who might have a nut allergy and (b) has just as much protein as peanut butter.

    How does it taste? How spreadable is it?

    I found this recipe for it but it looks as if it has seeds in it and wouldn't be very smooth.
    Hi. I buy it at Trader Joe’s. Very soft peanut butter. I do not know about this recipe but there were dozens of comments. This one might give some info you wanted:

    “ I live in France where these sort of products can be difficult to find. So I was very pleased to find this recipe that was very simple to follow. It was a good job that there was a warning not to be tempted to add extra oil as it did seem to take quite a while to go beyond the ‘crumb’ stage. I used my fairly small food processor. Keeping the faith, I found that clumps started to form and it was only 2 or 3 seconds between sessions of scraping it down. After a few time it made a ball and I was tempted to think it was there. Glad I persevered when, after 3 or 4 more goes, it became more of a smooth paste. I forgot to taste for salt before putting it in jars and think I may have liked a little more but this is for my grandchildren so better under salted than over!”

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    One thing most of us can still do is eat.

    I just found a new type of snack. I've been a fan of almonds (and most other nuts) as a snack for a long time but the other day I tried wasabi and soy-sauce flavored almonds for the first time, and I can't stay away from them for very long.

    One nice thing about nuts is that they're a snack you don't have to do anything to to prepare (unless you want to), and yet they're basically pretty good for you. Protein, potassium, fiber.
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