Neuro was testing for MS, to confirm or to rule out. I have been have lower extremity muscle spasms, cramps, and feels like electrical discharges. MRI brain normal only one lesion. The following is from the Spine, but I have tried to research what it means on line and can not find to much about the Thoracic. If any response to shed light would be appreciated. I am very curious what it means that the Thecal sac is flattened, and the reactive change from T8 to T9.


1. A Thoracic Kyphosis is seen with no occult fracture or marrow replacement.

2. The Thoracic cord is normal revealing no demyelinating plaque or intra spinal mass.

3. At T7-T8 a 3.0 MM Disc Bulge Flattens the Thecal Sac.

4. AT T8-T9 Endplate Reactive Change with an Annular Disc Bulge is seen.