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    Hello All,

    I have returned to this forum again to seek some advice for an old issue that has unfortunately has returned after 2-3 years. Just to give you some back ground (this is the short version). This started 10 years ago as what has been describe as a "Post Viral Event". At that time I had high CPK levels and rapid muscle weakness. All which subsided within days. Everything returned to normal except I started having Muscle Twitching (all over) and pain in my feet with stiffness. Walking and standing made it worse. I went through several months of tests (blood work that checked for metabolic levels and inflammation) EMGs etc. So many tests I cant remember. I saw a Nero Muscular Specialist for about 3-4 years and did follow up. Nothing really got worse and the symptoms came back now and then. About 3 years ago they went away completely. I still suffer some foot pain now and then from lots of standing or walking and the twitching in my calves is 24/7. About 6-7 weeks ago I starting getting the twitching all over and the pain/stiffness returned to my feet and lower legs. Some days are pretty good and some are worse. Has anyone out there had anything like this? I mean years later this comes back again? I really don't want to go back through all the testing again. Seems like something is causing this, but it remains a mystery. Any help would be appreciated.



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