Hey all I am a 35 year old male. I recently had a bout with diverticulitis in the hospital and they decided to do an MRI on my brain as I complained about some strange tingling in my feet which has since gone away. They discovered a "2 to 3mm conical shape prominence arising from the right aca at the a1 a2 junction compatablie with a vessel infundibbilum versus a small aneurysm" I'm absolutely devistated, I saw a neurosurgery interventionist and he said it is definitely something there but it could be a infundibbilum or a small aneurysm. He said normally he would tell someone to have another MRA in a year but since I'm so young he's willing to do a cerebral angiogram. Of course that has its own risks and I'm not sure it's worth it yet. What should I do? I already scheduled a second opinion but this is the most scared of been in my life. I have a one year old who I want to have a dad for a long time..