Y'all might not know this, but I underwent a partial sensory rhizotomy on both sides this last year. It's not a common operation, and has a stigma attached to it in the trigeminal neuralgia community. I thought I would share with everyone how I am doing! Mind you, I am just over a month post op from my last one (right side).

I just wanted to share an update on how I am doing:

May, 2015 I had a partial sensory rhizotomy on the left side. I had this same procedure on the right side this last October (along with an MVD). I am so glad I did it!!! I do have the numbness, but that's what I was expecting, and I can honestly say it's bliss compared to what I was living with. If I was asked to rate my improvement, so far I would say it's 80%. Right now I do not have to take any pain medications unless we are in a major storm system, and even then, it's only one dose! In January, my neurosurgeon will start weaning me off of the Trileptal. Hopefully by then things will have healed enough I can go without daily meds! I am hopeful that I can start getting my life back! I know this procedure isn't right for everyone, but for me it was the best thing I ever did!!!

**Side note: This procedure does not deserve the bad rap it normally gets. When I told people I was having it (on social media), I was bombarded with messages trying to talk me out of it. In the right hands, it is a safe procedure. Like any other operation, make sure your surgeon has a good track record and is experienced in performing the operation. Also, make sure you personally have faith in the surgeon and their skills. Nothing worse than having a surgeon operate on you that you don't like!**