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    Hi all - the question has come up in our household about Gluten and the drugs we take. My S/O is on Hydromorphone and whether the brand (dilaudid) has less, if any gluten, as opposed to the generic. I know from past experience that the Morphine pills I used to get before I made a fuss were like horse pills and ripped my guts out. after talking to the VA pharmacy, I now get brand - which is like 1/3rd. the size of the generics - So the question becomes - what drugs have gluten as a filler, Brand or generic and how does one find out.

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    ((((((Alex)))))) ~

    I think your best bet would be to ask your pharmacist to check all of the drugs you and your partner are taking to determine whether they have gluten. If you are prescribed any new drugs, then ask the pharmacist to check those drugs for gluten. I'm not sure whether rx websites might contain that info, but you could always do a search for the name of the drug + gluten and see what comes up.

    Here's a search I just did on Google, might be something there:

    Best of luck on your search for a gluten-free life!

    Love & Light,

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