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    Hi, I am new here, just last week been told that I have a wide necked 4mm aneurysm of the basilar tip. Also report says "scattered hyperintensities on T2WI within the deep white matter likely reflect underlying microangiopathic disease"
    My GP has explained nothing, can anyone help, I kind of know a little about what an aneurysm is but not the other stuff. Would they be likely to operate on such a small aneurysm? I am female, age 53 and a heavy smoker.

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    ((((((Looby)))))) ~


    I'm so glad that you found us, but I'm very sorry that you needed to do so based on your recent diagnosis.

    Unfortunately, our Aneurysm forum isn't as active as it once was. But if you check the first thread on this page, you will find a link to the archives for the Aneurysm forum, where you can search, but not post. You might peruse the archives to gather more information to help you on your journey.

    I suggest that you Google "Aneurysm" and begin researching, so that you can learn as much as possible. Knowledge is power, and the more you know, the better you will understand treatment options, expected outcomes, etc.

    Here is some general information to get you started:

    Have you been to a neurosurgeon or a neurologist? I would imagine that your GP would refer you to a specialist.

    Please return and keep us updated.

    Healing prayers on their way for you ~

    Love & Light,

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    Hi looby, and WELCOME!

    I'm not a regular here in the Aneurysm section but my daughter had an aneurysm, and so I keep an eye on this forum.

    I believe that some aneurysms are allowed to sit there, and others get a clip or a coil, which would be a surgical procedure. I would think your GP would expect you to ask questions or at least refer you to a specialist.

    I would definitely keep asking until you understand everything that is in that report. Medical professionals can't expect patients to know as much as they know and if they're any good, they should be prepared to take the time to explain things to us. There's not much to be gained from being timid when your own health is being discussed.

    I hope you will get some satisfactory answers soon. This might be of interest:
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