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    Hello, good day to everyone.

    A friend of mine said that it might be helpful to some of you if I post the funds where I receive help and assistance. My husband and I have had a rough few years. I am on disability from MS and my husband lost his job four years ago. He started a completely new career after that and we have struggled monetarily building his business though it is looking up. I tell you this so you will understand that most of the funds available require lower income to offer you help. One of my biggest problems has been that my Advantage plan sucks!
    Here are a couple of ways you might be able to get help:

    Most people know about PAN - Patient Access Network. They reimburse my infusion costs for Tysabri. My infusion costs are $949.20 per month but I only pay $23.22 per month and PAN pays the rest. I'm sure you know that Biogen will supply the Tysabri. The same is true for most MS treatment drug manufacturers I think.

    Many drug manufacturers will supply other prescription drugs for free too. Novartis is supplying my Tegretol which would cost me $224.00 every 3 months otherwise. This was arranged for me through SCBN.

    SCBN (website This is a fantastic organization that has helped me tremendously. I am also diabetic and the diabetic insulins are extremely expensive. They have arranged for Levemir and Novolog for me at little cost. When you go to their website it will say that they donít cover people on Medicare but they do. They cover people with Medicare and private insurance. Fill out the paperwork and they will call you. Or you can call them at 1-866-722-6479. They work as a go-between with the drug manufacturers. They charge $50 per month for the first prescription and $15.00 for every prescription thereafter indefinitely. I save hundreds of dollars per month.

    Last but not least is the Assistance Fund. They reimburse my Medicare premiums to me. 1-877-245-4412.

    Keep in mind that you have to often provide a lot of information to these funds in other to get help. Donít get discouraged. Good luck to you!

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