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Thread: OT October Chit Chat

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    Default OT October Chit Chat

    howdy doody,, <waving>..

    Seems to me, a lot of our members need a hug,, and some encouragement,,. {{{{{HUGS}}}}}..

    Things are going good here at the tar paper shack,, rode my horse Suinday,,not far,, but, I AM doing it,,crops are ready to come out.

    My brother and his wife stayed with us last week,, they live in AZ.. it was nice, but also nice to see them go home, is that not nice of me ?,,naahhh,, you have to be around them, to understand them,,lol

    better go,, later then,,
    " Don't outsmart your common sense"


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    Hi Peg,

    Glad you had a nice visit...and they left!

    Gary, hope your doctor's appointment goes well!

    Howie (waving *hi)

    Cat, hope you feel good about your weekend ahead, enjoy the quiet time with your furkids!

    Virginia, sure hope you can figure out coverage for your meds, I know how much this must be weighing on your mind!

    Ann, so glad DH was able to be with you on your anniversary!!

    Happy October all! Where has the year gone??

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    Good Morning all! Still dark and windy but the rain has stopped for now. Surf is coming over the sea wall and leaving some rocks in the road. David's going through one of his stretches of time where he just can't seem to get into or stay in the CPAP for the night which is leaving me pretty tired. He's too stuffed up. Now, he takes an antihistamine, a decongestant, and three different types of nasal spray to keep him open. This has been 14 months now of repeated trips to the allergist, ENT, Sleep medicine and his primary to get this under control. It's better than it used to be but not this week. Oh...we've got hypoallergenic mattress covers and pillow covers and I'm washing sheets and blankets every week as ordered by the allergist. I just can't manage the vacuuming so Dave does that (every couple weeks).

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    Peg, it's so nice that you always start a thread for a new month here. You survived some visiting relatives and that's good to know. Really good news that you've been riding again!

    Cat, I'm sure you'll get through the weekend smoothly.

    Cherie, my son has been using a CPAP for years. They seem to have improved the equipment considerably by making modifications available, to make it more bearable. Has David looked into any of those?

    I'm such a wimp that I can't even take 3 outings in a week very well. I'll be glad when this week is over and am making up my mind never to try to do more than one (at most two) outings in a week. I've decided this before but thought I could get away with it this once.

    Tomorrow's trip to the neuro will be the third appointment this week. Anything where I have to get on a van and go anywhere wears me down. Yesterday was the first PT session, for evaluation. My left thigh is knotted up, it seems, and they think PT will help me to get better control of my left leg while walking. So I'll be going back for more PT but I made sure I set up appointments only once a week (for 4 weeks). Then we'll decide if more sessions are needed.

    The weather here has been perfectly beautiful for several days. Clear blue skies and a high in the 70s, in the 40s at night, but the grass is brown everywhere. The rainy season will be welcome. Yesterday the van driver mentioned that he's never seen Mt. Hood with no snow on it before but it's that way now.
    MS diagnosed 1980. Avonex 2002-2005. Copaxone 6/07 - 5/10.
    Member of this MS board since 2001.

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    :) I'm annoyed. The newspaper ran the obit for Jamie on Sunday and were to run it again yesterday with the day and time of the service. We sent the info by email in plenty of time but they did not put it in the obit. People are having to call Andy, me or Jamie's mom for info. It was $798, so they should have done it right.

    My in house scooter quit last night. I walked it to the bathroom pushing it. Then to the other bedroom and got my other small scooter. I'm so glad I have a spare.

    I am having the MS hug and I put on a Fentanyl patch and it has made it much better.

    Peg glad you could ride your horse. Feel better everyone. Jeanie :)

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    All quiet around here. Woke up at 5 am with Tom Cat, got him out the door. Friend came at 7, got me dressed, made sure I was in my wheelchair. She swept the kitchen floor, watered a few plants. I washed up the 10 trays that fit the dehydrator. TC made jerky, took it all with him, left me the racks to clean. Figured out how to do that without having to scrub the baked on meat: Fill the sink with very hot water and dishwasher powder (not dishwashing detergent, but Cascade). Set them in there, let them soak til the water is cool enough to stick your hand in. Rinse and let drain. SO much easier than scrubbing.

    While they were soaking, I washed up all the dirty dishes he left behind (the sink was empty when I went to bed..I swear! But wasn't empty this morning!) Anyway, cleaned them up, then cut up a bunch of tomatoes and set them to cook down for tomato sauce (along with onions, garlic, hot peppers, herbs/spices, etc.) The sauce is cooling now, then I'll put it through a food processor, then in freezer containers. Good for pasta and pizza, and with a few added spices (like cumin, chili powder), workable for enchiladas.

    My kindle was malfunctioning, so I called Amazon on Monday and whined. It as supposedly "out of warranty" on Sunday....but my whining got them to replace it -- FREE! -- and it came last night. So I spent some time re-programming it, and de-programming the "broke" one, that I need to send back. Once the physical therapist comes -- I expect her any moment now -- I'll finish the sauce, then grab my kindle, head to bed, and finish downloading books from the cloud. I love the cloud. :)

    In other words, things are going OK for now. Only half-day in to this thing, but so far so good. Didn't sleep well last night, probably worrying about the weekend, so a nap would be good. So while I intend to head to bed and play with my kindle, what will REALLY happen is I'll head to bed...and fall asleep. Oh well. Nobodies home to bother me. The furkids have been fed, their box cleaned out, so they're happy.
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    I got a late start today, and could have stayed in bed all day, but the fur kids wouldn't have that, so I got the cat chores done, and having my coffee. It's a little late in the day for coffee, but I'm only having one cup in the hope that it won't interfere with sleep tonight.

    Tomorrow is payday, and not a moment too soon. I seriously have one meal left, and then I'm out of EVERYTHING! But I made it!!!

    So it will be my usual running around day. Dump, bank, store, then home to put it all away. I love having a house full of groceries, and the cats do too, although I myself am out of food, they have dry food and cheese, and MY last slice of turkey, and treats, and fresh litter boxes. They live better than I do.

    Everyone have a great day!
    Evolution spans the Universe.

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    Hello all, just checking in to let you know I am still among the living, but warn out. Everything is so hard to do now. Sorry for not checking in sooner.

    Jeanie, my sympathies for your Family's loss. My Love and Prayers are with you.

    For everyone..
    Love, Sally

    "The best way out is always through". Robert Frost

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    Had my Dr appt today he wont even consider changing my AD's until my BP is down. I increasing 1 and back on nitro so a week of headaches while I adjust to the nitro but I only have to take it once a day. I am increasing my Clonidine which makes me sleepy hopefully I will adjust to that one also. I usually take it in the evening and now in the morning. I am suppose to rest and put my feet up. Ha like that is something new! He is now certain that my BP woes are MS related as my kidneys and adrenals do some things that can not be explained. As I have been in the hospital and got all of my meds via IV and it takes a lot to get it down. I had a doc (now retired) that used to say "Hey MS is in the CNS and that controls EVERYTHING so you never know what to expect."

    Had to wait for the computer system to get up and running as pain meds must now be printed out and hand delivered to the pharmacy who said it would be 2 to 3 hours to fill so I went home. But I had a long visit with my doc we discussed farming, hay prices,politics and people on disability. He mentioned that the number of people trying to get SSDI was on an increase. Not using names of course, He said that he wished that he could bring me in to show people what a disability really was about.

    Jeanie I would push for a refund I wouldn't take no for an answer, The last thing you and your family needs is telephone calls for times. That was part of the reason for the obit in the paper. Years ago when I worked in the funeral biz any notice that was incorrect or lacking important info got a refund. Some times we had to press the newspaper but the place I worked for considered it part of the service. The owner was probably one of the most ethical people I have ever met.

    Thanks Peg.

    Cat I have never tried the dishwasher soap thing. Since I usually do the dishes I am gonna give it a try!

    Cherie, Trish and I both have CPAP for several years if I take it off it is a guaranteed poke in the ribs to put it back on as I snore and breath erratically. I need to call the supplier as my machine is getting tired and it whistles and wakes me up. If I do fall asleep without it I wake up with a sore throat. I know I need it and with prodding I am about 99% compliant. But to be honest I still hate the D&^* thing!

    Sally glad that you are surviving...... things will get better. As you know a major trauma to any of us takes a lot longer to right itself. Reach out for help when you need it. That includes us too. While we cant run over to help we can listen.

    Howie I get paid on the second Wednesday of the month. But we have a good supply of puppy cookies and kitty treats so we should be safe for another week. Monday the dogs go for their beauty appointment. Our oldest dog is 16 and fading fast we are concerned that going to be washed and trimmed might be too much for her. Our groomer is also in our vets office (who also happens to be a neighbor) so they are very careful with her.

    Agate one of the things you could count on when flying into Portland was snow on Mt Hood it would seem strange to see it with none. The drought has sure hit the west hard.

    My goodness I seem to have a lot to say today.
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    Glad to see that Cat is managing w/o Tom so far today. And that Sally has checked in. Praise be!

    Gary, glad that you are well-ish as usual. You sure have had an interesting life w all the things you have done and know about.

    Cherie, it's the same story. Take care of yourself. That humidity we just got thru was awful. Dew point of 76! I am hoping Joaquin takes a right turn away from the coast.
    How is your sister doing?

    Where is Renee and what is she up to?

    Virginia, a former member here has gotten a lot of help from various sources that give grants to help pay for drugs and/or premiums. I will try to have her start a thread here or at least email me the info.

    Jeanie, I will think about you and Andy tomorrow.

    The rest of you: I read your words, I think of you, you are important to me.
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    There comes a time when silence is betrayal.- MLK

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