Well its now been 4 years since my surgery to endoscopically remove a colloid cyst from the third ventricle of my brain and have a v.p. shunt inserted.

I was aptly reminded of this as i went for my annual M.R.I. scan today.

Well my annual update is that the memory and fatigue are still a slight,but now managable, issue.

I have held a part-time job down for a year now and after a jittery start it has almost become normal routine. I personally think that having to think has definately benefitted my recovery as it has meant i have had no choice but to keep those grey cogs well lubricated.I fear if i had thrown the towel in early or been unlucky enough to have had a complex surgery i would have vegetated and had a much slower recovery.In the same vein if i had pushed my recovery too much,that too would have had a negative impact also.

There are still daily challenges but trying to stay organised,getting rest when i need it and being lucky enough to have understanding friends,family and employers has made a difference.

The side effect of comming out with a sweet tooth[which i never had before] has subsided but my wife,Helen i suspect would have a different perspective on that one.....!

Hope all of you,that have managed to find this new site,are all having good days too.