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Thread: Hypoglossal nerve damage/issue

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    Hi all, new poster here. Hoping to find some guidance as my current Neurologist is stymied.
    Last year I was diagnosed with Bells Palsey. Very slight drooping of face, tongue went to left when stuck out. All returned to normal except tongue. Fast forward one year and it happened again! This time only affecting tongue, no facial drooping at all. I cannot move tongue up/down or left/right but I can stick it out. Again, it deviates to the left. Other symptoms when this happens is severe pain on right side of head, from eye socket, across the top of my head and down the right side of neck. Pain is now gone, but I cannot speak or eat well. All MRI and CT scans look normal as does all blood work so far. Next up, more bloodwork, chest X-Ray and spinal tap. My Dr is scratching his head on this. Any similar stories out there?

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    Welcome to BT, Tyler.

    I am sorry for your pain and disability. I hope that is temporary.

    What season did this happen in now and the first time? For instance, in the heat or in the cold or as one season changed to another?

    How old are you? Do you have any other medical problems?

    Maybe more info might help someone see something that sounds familiar.

    Remember, we are all patients.

    There comes a time when silence is betrayal.- MLK

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