One week ago, after an MRI and then an MRA, two small aneurysms were discovered on my Anterior Communicating Artery, one leaning anteriorly and the other posteriorly. The MRA states that all of the blood flow is running through the A2 segment of the Anterior Cerebral Artery, since I am missing the A1 segment of the Anterior Cerebral Artery and the A2 segment looks fenestrated as well.

In addition, the MRA could not rule out MS or other demylinating diseases, which was the initial reason we requested the MRI, after a complete vision loss in my left eye and since my sister has MS and Lupus.

So, I am in a little bit of shock right now and I am hoping that after the CT Angiogram I will have tomorrow, we will find out that this is all a dream and the other two tests are incorrect. We also hope that when we meet with the neurologist, he will do a spinal tap and rule out MS and all other demylinating diseases.

From what I have read, even small AcoA aneurysms are a high rupture risk, men have a higher rupture risk than women for AcoA aneurysms, AcoA aneurysms rupture at a younger age, and an anterior leaning dome and multiple AcoA aneurysms put me at greater risk as well.

It would be very helpful if:
1.) Anyone can tell me what they think my rupture risk level is.
2.) Anyone who has one or multiple AcoA aneurysm(s) can tell me their experience.
3.) Anyone can tell me what treatment options are best for small AcoA aneurysms and if new, safer, less invasive treatments options exist for this already high risk area for surgery.
4.) Anyone has an aneurysm and MS or another demylinating disease.
5.) If there is a neurologist on this site who can give me their expert opinion.

Thanks so much and my positive thoughts, prayers and best wishes are with all of you!