I would like to just talk about what is going on in a world of pain. I had Motor Cortex Stimulation in 2003 for trigeminal neuropathy-nerve pain. Myelin depletion is where I left off. I had to have the device battery changed. All Medtronic had was the Restore Battery. Who charges a battery around the chest or waist each week? Doctors were tied of every four year synergy battery placements? its meeting a quota somehow-United health insurance quik clinics. I need the synergy and the original patient programmer. I have some papers on wordpress under my name. Polarity for example. With the My stim, you can have Both-there are only two patient programs-its a dividing line when changing or flipping each. I say these eee pacemakers are no good too. Do people just want a programmer that does not beep-count? Im in so much pain-rig-Im thinking of the morphine pump but Im afraid of cavity or the look of my teeth-as drug seeking. i go to the doctor and people are promoted. Im not, and still left in pain of actors. I figure I have about six years to live without the device. My pain is permanent in the central nervous system like all of yours. I use some dhea now. Its an over the counter fda approved steroid. This helps-with focus actually. The docs want me to try all fifteen medications again, so i wont go. I have some other tricks but find ths entire process ridic. everything was done and manifested. be wise on the battery with your doc-Intrel looks like they placed actual brain contacts w/wo graft inside the actual intrel battery. Im disgusted, there is a huge study, i think thru Johns Hopkins-the dr burcheil is an infectious disease doc-not an actual neurosurgeon like wolf blitzer thinks he is. It doe not feel like mortality I am facing. i still may research and go in a couple, but ths is so out of the question-why Im stuck and provided so much-like Im addicted to study. People with implants-if documented with Medtronic flight card. i hope you receive gift of safety from me. 2009 lithium car ride? Im so sick and I feel no one cares-just promoted. My messangers ARE NOT allowed to promote. I should not need to tell them. Some of you received the polarity programs-some way. do you have this in constant thunderstorm program. do we react to the grid. Ill try tuesdays to visits. All are angry with me because I am off schedule-its ths bluetooth thing-I phase ths life. Im trying to survive, but the study is wrong or I would have joined it with joiner. Here, i would like to thread talk about life or life on pain-if you wish. take care until next time-bridgets bridge washington state