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Thread: Methadone question from former Rockhound

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    Rockhond = Sorry it took so long - i am not able to be as active 0n the boards. Having been on methadone 80mg. daily. i was rapidly de-toxed due to a bad U/A as in 2MG a day. talk about withdrawal. If you find relief in this medication, but only if you plan to spend the rest of your life on it, that's great. if you would be more comfortable on something else, Talk to your Doc. I wish you the best of luck.

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    Alex, I had to do a rapid titrate at one point and was sick as a dog!! So I can definitely empathize with you (and I was taking only 20mg/day at the time!). I have never been so miserable!! As for brands, Ascend is made in India where both Mallincrockdt and Roxane (now Westford) are made in the US. I reacted so badly to the Ascend that the next time I accidentally got it my doctor disposed of the entire bottle and replaced my prescription rather than put me through weeks of withdrawal again! For people who start methadone with Ascend it's all your body knows, but if you were to get the Westford/Roxane you would definitely feel the difference!!

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    cme across this old post had to reply - I was much younger then - withdrawel was hell - I got through it by doing things best left unsaid - it was not pretty - both me and my partner were rapidly -detoxed at the rate of 2Mg. a day - hell on earth - I would not ask my worst enemy to get on it or go what we went through. I don't know of the drugs you speak of - I am old school and proud of it - you sucked it up and did what you needed to do - It will be unspoken but it got us thru - suboxone is NO better - from what I have heard - it [s worse - I do not think that is possible. the same - very possible
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