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Thread: Summer and BT

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    Cool Summer and BT

    Howdy folks :)

    So BT's still running pretty good luckily for me as I've been more than swamped the last couple of months. Finished off the semester with 4 A's and one B (algebra 2, and that is because I didn't take the final because dad was in the hospital for chest pains. Luckily it wasn't anything serious). That leaves me with an overall G.P.A. of 3.86 currently.

    I have 3 more courses to take (humanities, biology, and operating systems) before getting my A.S. in Business Administration with a concentration in computer studies. Still not sure what exactly that's good for or what job it's supposed to help me get. But that doesn't much matter since I've pretty much decided I'll go into one of two fields.

    Field #1 - Network and information security. Lots of openings for this field as technology improves so rapidly. Lots of money to be paid as well

    Field #2 - Veterinary Technician specializing in cat behavior (like Jackson Galaxy? from "My Cat From Hell" TV show), only better at it This field only pays a third of what the other one does though :(

    I got a job working part time (at 30+ hours a week lately due to vacations ) at a pet supply store called Pet Food Express three weeks before finals. So between work, school, and volunteering at the animal shelter I had just enough time to eat and sleep :) I really like this job, our main focus as a company is to help people give their pets the best possible life they can. We aren't supposed to focus on "selling" anything, we are supposed to focus on what the pet and their owners need/want. So that means we take our time and talk with the customers to get to know them and their pets. They can even bring their pets in. We work closely with the animal shelter, humane society, law enforcement, local rescue groups, and local trainers. It's like a one stop awesome shop for your cat or dog (with minimal fish, reptile, bird, and small critter supplies). It's just an awesome job.

    VBulletin (the company that makes the forum software) has finally released the last stable version of their 4.x line (which is what we use), which means an upgrade to the forum software is in the near(ish) future. This upgrade is going to have to get done sooner or later anyways because the host is going to uninstall the backbone software and force everyone to use the newer versions. This is actually a really good thing, the newer versions are a lot more robust and secure.

    When will I do the update? Honestly I have no idea. I still have to set up a test server here at home, copy BT to it, do the upgrade, add or tweak the modifications, then stress test the whole shebang. I will give you fine folks plenty of notice before hand. There will be some visible changes and some big(ish) changes to some of the functionality. Downtime shouldn't be very long at all, just a few hours or so.

    As the time gets closer to the upgrade I will post a lot of details regarding the changes that you will see/interact with the most. Nothing to drastic though, but it might be a little confusing for some at first.

    When the upgrade is done, I will be able to install more skins/themes much easier and with a bit more diversity. This is also the perfect time for you guys n gals to chime in with what you want to see here at BT.

    Well I've totally lost my train of thought (went back and typed up the blurb about my job and forgot where I was going after that ) so I'll end this here.
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