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    I've been seriously considering Lasik for a few months now. Many people I know have been advising me against it though- they say I’ll have dry eyes, irritation and floaters. I have anxiety issues, and people tell me that this is common pre-surgery. Do any of you have any bad experiences with lasik? I live in Oakville, and would also like suggestions for good lasik surgery centers in Oakville or nearby. At the moment I’m considering a nearby clinic Do you have any other recommendations? Some friends tell me that surgeons prescribe medicines for anxiety issues pre-surgery. Is this true?
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    I had lasik few years back-best 4000$ I spent. Oakville is kind of near to where I live. I got my lasik at a lasik surgery centre in Stoney Creek called See by Intravision ( ). You'll need to prepare for a few days prior to the surgery, so set aside some time for that, if you plan to go through the procedure quickly. Don't be anxious-just find a good surgeon, and it's all set. You'll need anxiety meds only if you're too worried about the surgery.

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