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    Looking for someone who has had great experience with a surgeon in Ohio or close by. I live in Cincinnati feel free to connect by email at riegerrk@ I need to hear who is awesome and who is not. I am not picking my MVD surgeon from a list. The surgeon I picked had 4000 under his belt and served on the TN board and also invented some of the tools used for the procedure and he is no longer operating . I snoozed too long and the pain is constant and I am in desperate need of my life back for not just myself but for my family. I am 44 today!! This is my only wish!! Please help me. Becki

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    ((((((Becki)))))) ~

    Welcome to BrainTalk! I'm glad that you found us.

    Unfortunately, this forum isn't as active as it once was, and the odds of someone from Cincinnati with a surgeon recommendation are probably slim.

    Is it possible to contact your former, retired surgeon and ask him for a referral?

    How about contacting the TN board for referrals?

    Do you know in which hospital you might have the surgery? If so, visit the hospital's website and search for the names of its surgeons. Then do a search of these names on Google to see whether there are patient reviews on line for them.

    I'm so very sorry that you are enduring so much pain, and I pray that you find a surgeon to help you.

    Happy Birthday!

    Love & Light,

    Mom to Jon, 49, (seizure disorder; Gtube; trache; colostomy; osteoporosis; hypothyroid; enlarged prostate; lymphedema, assorted mysteries) and Michael, 32, (intractable seizures; Gtube), who were born with an undiagnosed progressive neuromuscular disease and courageous spirits. Our Angel Michael received his wings in 2003. Our Angel Jon received his wings April 2019. Now, they watch over Jim and me.

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    i say cleveland clinic neuromodulation center over case western in cleveland only..when can you start using carlsons fish oil salmon oil after diagnosis?

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