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    I have been suffering from chronic migraine for past 3 years. I got a Dysport injection 2 years before but that was really a bad idea. The injected area has been swollen for many days. Also I had to suffer kind of muscle pain. I don't know if I could ever get rid of this troubling pain. One of my friends suggested to go for a botox treatment ( ) . He says it worked well for him. Does anyone of you have experience undergoing a botox for migraine?

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    Welcome! Sorry you are dealing with chronic migraine. I have had the chronic migraine protocol for Botox injections, although for a different headache condition (New Daily Persistent Headache, a constant headache). From what I know Botox is quite similar to Dysport, but the injection locations would probably be different. You can look up Allergan's injection protocol to see where the inject it, in the forehead, around the face, and in the neck. Some doctors will stray a bit, often dependent on the pain location. I would discuss with your doctor however whether you are likely to also have a reaction to Botox.

    The thing with headache conditions however is what may work very well for one person may be horrible for another, so I wouldn't really give much credence to one personal recommendation. That said, the stats for Botox for chronic migraine are quite good, possibly better than any of the oral meds out there. Additionally, it has some good advantages, such as a very low side effect protocol, and that you would know pretty immediately if it was going to work (vs. many of the meds which take 1-3+ months to properly trial), although many doctors recommend three treatments 3 months apart before giving up on it.

    I didn't find it helpful, but I don't have chronic migraine, so that doesn't really count. They were only able to get it FDA approved for chronic migraine (> 15/days a month), and showed for other headache conditions such as episodic migraine it just didn't work as well. Due to this, for you to get insurance coverage, your doctor has to submit it under a chronic migraine diagnosis. Cost can also be an issue, as often insurance may only cover for example 80% of a procedure cost, after a deductible, where meds just have a co-pay (and the doctor's time for the procedure, vial/s of Botox, and any other supplies are all billed as a procedure). So, definitely get a good idea of the cost in advance so you don't have sticker shock, as this procedure can easily run over $1k. This is a good reason to go with a clinic who does this often.

    I highly recommend only going to a doctor very experienced in doing this, who does multiple sets of injections every week (ie. keeps up the practice), as there is quite a bit of skill involved in placing them correctly which can affect the results. Also, as personal advice, I would avoid letting a doctor inject it into the shoulder muscles (which isn't part of the migraine protocol by the way)...I was miserable for a couple weeks as I couldn't move my arms at all without pain. Best wishes.
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    Gary, welcome to this site. I am glad Kate could post her experience for you as you consider botox for your migraines. I hadn't heard of botox to treat migraines so it is interesting to read about its use. Whatever you choose I hope you find some relief from your pain.
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