((((((Donna)))))) ~

So happy that you're all well now! Glad you had a moment to stop by!

Bless your mom ~ lipstick and cigarettes! It's great that she made the effort to spruce up for your Skype visit.

Here's proof that I'm not a country girl ~ I'd see those mouse drippings and head for the nearest Marriott! I love all critters, but I can't picture myself in a house with mice.

I can imagine that the trip to the cottage, and the accommodations there, plus the traveling back, would be quite difficult for Nick. I'm so sorry for him and for you and Jim that Nick won't be joining you this year. He did make the best decision for his well being, but I can imagine that it is a disappointment for all of you.

How great that Nick has found Sean ~ a Playstation partner! Hope that they have tons of fun!

As the fantastic advocate you always are, you're working to assist children, parents and families, who are confronting neurological challenges. On behalf of everyone, who will benefit from your wisdom and experience, thank you.

Thank you for asking about Jim. He is beginning to feel a bit better, albeit slowly. The jaw/ear pain has been the major issue, and Jim is thinking he may need to have those two teeth removed. But he wants to give it another week. So we'll see.

He's eating more frequently, and we're hoping he'll start gaining weight.

One of our dear friends is trying Tai Chi for arthritis. We may give this a go too, because we aren't going to take pharmaceuticals, and we need to do something.

Thank you for being concerned about me, but don't worry about me ~ I'm tough. And, I see this as reaching the "in sickness and in health" vow we made almost 21 years ago.

Love is the most powerful thing!

And when I need a respite, I go here

where your is waiting for you sans mice ~

Love & Light,