Hi everyone! I'm a female age almost 39. I had been having bad sciatica in my right leg. I went to a pain clinic where they said I was a good candidate for a steroid epidural. I had the procedure with no issue. I went back two weeks later to have another (because they said I would probably need two). The doctor had a little trouble finding a "place of resistance" and on the third stick he was successful but soinal fluid leaked out. This was on Friday May 8th. I had what they called a vagal response at the time. Almost passed out. Threw up. Lots of weird pressure in back of head. Saturday and Sunday I did fine until Sunday night I started hurting in the back of my head. Felt fine upon waking on Monday and had no trouble. Tuesday morning after taking child to school I began to hurt. Found that laying down flat eased it off. It hurt bad tues and wed. Wed afternoon I returned to clinic where they opted to give me a bag of iv fluids and told me to push Gatorade and caffeine pills. I did this all afternoon wed and all day on Thursday. Thursday afternoon I was no better. Went to clinic where they opted to do the blood patch. I immediately felt a relief in ease of headache. My head was still sore to turn it a certain way like looking up or down. It also still seemed to have pressure in back of it. Friday night a whooshing sound started in left ear. It seems to get louder the longer I'm upright. I can lay down and it pretty much goes away. Same with the pressure and pain in head. While it has improved, it's not all the way better. Maybe 50% better than initially. I do have some anxiety just in general and this way of feeling is certainly not helping me! Not to mention some things I've read talk about scary things like a sub something hemmorage etc. I'm sure someone here has experienced something similar and I am just curious if u can share your story and give me tips on what to do to help the headache and this ear issue. My head will hurt if I'm up too long. I can lay down for 20 mins and get it better and am good to go for a while. The ear thing seems to be the same deal. It totally feels pressure related. My bp is ok. Thank you.