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Thread: Not sure if I have found any of the old timers here but.....

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    Default Not sure if I have found any of the old timers here but.....

    For those who don't know me, I am Dinkie from the old forum $#% years ago. lol Yeah, it is that long ago. Emily is seventeen years old now and Nolan is thirteen. So much has happened in our lives through the years. As expected for Emily, she lost her ability to walk. She did regain some ability but it is very limited and she uses a walker in the home. She now uses a scooter to get around. Nolan developed multiple tethered spinal cord issues and along with a growth spurt came an eighty degree scoliosis. He had to have his spinal cord severed to prevent any further damage. It was difficult for him to become a paraplegic at the thoracic level now but he is strong as both kids are and we are dealing.

    As for me, things have gone from bad to worse over the years. I too, am no longer able to walk. All fusions absorbed and the only thing holding my spine together is the hardware. We pray it never breaks. I am inoperable and expected to deteriorate even more. All of my limbs are affected now.

    Emily and I have matching scooters. Her's is dressed out with Sonic the Hedgehog and though she wanted to do the same for me I talked her out of it. lol She is/was and always will be a Sonic fan. She has become quite the artist over the years practicing drawing all of the Sega characters, even drawing complete comic books.

    Not knowing if anyone is here I will cut this short because it is difficult for me to sit and type for long length of time and as you will probably remember, I do like to write novels. Oh yeah, I did that too. lol Just never followed through to get it published. Oh well, I will leave it to the kids for when I am gone.

    Need a favor from everyone here. We have entered a contest for a mobility van and we need votes for the next six weeks or so. You can vote daily and you can vote via facebook or use as many emails as you have. (all legal) you can vote here This is not our first attempt to win this and actually have come pretty close to the finals. We just never had a huge amount of people to vote for us. Some who made it actually had the help of talk shows to get votes. I think that is a bit unfair and gives some an advantage. Anyway, I will check back to see who is here. maybe a roll call is in order. lol Where is everyone?????????

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