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Thread: Olfactory hallucination

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    Quote Originally Posted by BBS1951 View Post
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    A very strong odor of coffee woke me up at 3:00 a.m. It went away in less than an hour.

    Had anything similar?

    YES, i suffer from chronic migraines. Before some mograines i smell burning electrical wires, strawberries and at times Gas.

    Do you get migraiunes few hours to few days after you smell the coffee?

    Hope you feel better.
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    No, I don't get migraine headaches....yet

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    My poor mom got migraines, and I'm so glad that's something she didn't pass on to any of us kids.

    Sometimes we would be going someplace, and she would tell us she is seeing the haze or whatever it's called, and turn around on the spot and head home.

    She would get in her bed, curtains and blinds drawn, and wear her dark glasses. She would be SO sensitive to light.

    My dad, a druggist, gave her Caffergot. I don't know if it really helped. It was always gone the next day. As she got older, they just stopped.
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