((((((Tamie, Tyler, & Jerry)))))) ~

Oh, my dear, sweet friend, I am so very very very sorry. My heart is breaking for all of you. I'm so sorry. How horrible! How insensitive, crass, and awful! A doctor, who should show compassion, gives you this gut-punching speech. Just appalling.

Did this doctor offer a referral for hospice care, or is he just expecting you and Jerry to suffer along with Tyler and these infections? No effort or offer to make Tyler comfortable in any way at all? If not, then I think he is worthy of being reported to the medical association.

We have been blessed with physicians, who are dedicated to saving lives and will go to the greatest lengths to do so. Our boys have received incredible care, especially in ICU. Doctors, who see them as a lost cause, are quickly eliminated from the medical team.

That is how it should be for Tyler. Every effort to support him should be extended. For too long, Tyler's doctors have relied upon antibiotics to treat Tyler, instead of identifying the source of the infection and remedying that. Because writing a prescription for an antibiotic or a drug is faster and easier than trying to solve a mystery as to why a patient has a recurring issue.

And why isn't any physician considering this ~ that if Tyler's continuous infections were cured and abated, his seizures would decrease, his pain would decrease, and he would have a greater quality of life? It is simple logic: If Tyler is healthy, he will feel better, thus his seizures will decrease. He will sleep better. He won't be in pain.

Tamie, since Tyler has kidney stones, could you get a referral to a kidney doctor? In one of your earlier threads, I got the impression that another doctor and you and Jerry felt that the stones were the problem. It's at least worth a try to gather an opinion from a specialist. Check out the nephrologists in your area/medical plan and see if you can find any patient rankings/comments on line to track down the best one.

In 2011, two of Jon's urologists, including the head urologist honcho, told us to put an indwelling catheter in Jon, take him home, love him, and let nature take its course. They knew that he had an enlarged prostate, but they couldn't do anything for him, since he wasn't a candidate for surgery, or laser, or medications. After 40 years of seizures and pneumonia, there I was thinking I'd lose Jon to an untreatable enlarged prostate. He has MRSA, which is in remission, but will flare with any infection he gets. And he is still here.

So, any doctor, who tells you, or any of us, to just give up, should turn in his/her license to practice medicine. Because until all options have been exhausted, we can't be certain that our decisions are the right ones. If, indeed, we can ever be certain.

You are all in my thoughts and prayers, so very intensely right now, and I'm praying for guidance to a physician, who will recognize Tyler as a treasure, and truly want to bring him through this crisis to a healthy state, so that he and you can enjoy the quality of life that he so deserves.

Positive healing energy flowing your way ~

Love & Light,