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Thread: spring finally?

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    Default spring finally?

    weill today I think I can believe spring is finally here despite the fact we had snow yesterday morning. Today it will be sixty.

    anyone have any special spring planting plans for this season? Jeannie you busted your heinie on your yard how are things there?

    My big thing is gettting my gazebo up. I was so depressed last year I didn't even get it up last year, it's my haven and my therapist advises that I spend a lot of time there, just me. sounds good to me lol.

    Now that my son is hoome he can help hee hee.

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    hey chris !

    things are shaping up in the yard. i see my tall day lilies breaking through against the back of the house. i wanted to go outside last week and trim off dead foliage, but then i read an article that said to wait until after april 5th, because the dead foliage protects the new growth from snow. so, i will wait until next week.

    i have my front lawn to do this year and of course i can see myself busting heinie for years in the backyard !

    yep chris, you need your own meditation or quiet place to be. my whole yard is like that for me. get the gazebo up!

    geez, i wish i could get up at 7 and become productive right away.

    hope you have a nice Easter, chris!

    WE ARE BT!
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