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Thread: Statins may work only for SPMS

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    Default Statins may work only for SPMS

    The pleiotropic effects and effects in the murine model of MS could not be converted to a proven effect in relapsing MS and hence statin therapy either as a monotherapy or in combination with IFNβ treatment for RRMS, and statin monotherapy for CIS cannot at present be recommended. However, indications are that statins may be beneficial in SPMS. The benefit thereof and whether this is due to a direct immunomodulatory and neuroprotective effect warrant further studies.

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    I take a statin, but for cholesterol. It would be nice if it even helps the MS. Two benefits from one drug. Thanks for the info.
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    I like the Biotin idea better.
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    Both my husband and myself have tried taking statins in the past. We both experienced severe muscle pain and weakness. My husband's doctor switched him to a niacin med, which resulted in his cholesterol level going up 20 points higher than before he started any meds, PLUS it changed his whole metabolism so that he has problems with sweating now, that he didn't have before! Needless to say neither of us take statins and never will! Lots of possible side effects and it does not sound like it helps MS.

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