Aneurysm Clipping on MCA. 7mm. Symptoms?
Hello, my name is Johnny. I'm a 34 year old otherwise healthy and active male. I'm extremely overwhelmed by the discovery of this thing in my head! What I'm curious of is... Has anyone experienced symptoms with a non ruptured Annie? Long story short, I was experiencing confusion, fatigue, GI issues, and anxiety... Seemingly out of nowhere. After 3 weeks of those feelings I finally went to the ER and after a otherwise good check they performed a CT and found the Annie. That started me on this road. I've since had an MRA which confirmed it. I've met my NS and he is confident he can clip it. Tomorrow I have my angiogram to "map out" my arteries for him.. Then I guess we'll schedule the surgery.. I'm glad they found it, but I'm terrified. Any responses would be appreciated. Take care, John