My new film “Crips Not Creeps” has been released online! The film is about a guy with Cerebral Palsy who must solve a mystery.


(this link has open captions for the deaf)

Synopsis: A few months after the events of “Only Those Who Limp Allowed” Brandon and Randy(who both have Cerebral Palsy) are still living together and things are going well, until Brandon gets accused of stalking his ex girlfriend Madison and must prove he is innocent before he loses Randy’s trust and possibly everything else he has ever worked for.
Please note that the use of the word “Crip” (which is a shortened version of the word cripple that people in the disability community use as a slang term to refer to physically disabled individuals)is not meant as an offense to anyone who is physically disabled(such as the characters in these films) or mentally disabled, or otherwise. All of the characters in the film who are disabled are played by actors who are disabled in real life. The actors who have CP have spastic hemiplegia CP.