I;'m a newbie here, so I thought I'd share my story. I was born some three and a half months premature, and had hydrocephalus along with some other problems. The shunt was put in, and there were no problems until I was six. I was on summer vacation from kidergarten. I woke with a massive headache, and my parents took me to the hospital. It was my first of two major shunt malfunctions.

The second happened when I was fourteen. This time, I was in the eight grade. And things didn't seem quite right. I didn't know where my mind was at. I was doing things like turning in assignments without the actual project or really struggling in math class, concepts that were usually very easy for me. While I was always prone to leaving completed homework behind at home, I was doing it all the time. I knew things were amiss, and it really upset and worried me. But I didn't understand it. That's when a routine visit to my neurosurgeon happened. He pressed on my shunt and found it blocked. Even though he was plenty experienced, he actually started wondering if my brain might be actually draining normally. But a few weeks later, I woke up as I had several years earlier with a massive headache. My mother didn't have to tell me this time. I knew what it meant. Off to the hospital I went.

But this time, there'd be an interresting complication. While I was in hospital, I was playing Yahtzee against my aunt, and suddenly, I couldn't do the basic arithemtic needed to figure my score at the end. Then, I found myself sensitive to light, and the next thing I knew, I was rolling around in my hospital bed. It was a massive seizure brught on by a staph infection. That force me to stay more time in hospital until it cleared up.

Since then, things have been normal. I have my B.A., my driver's license, and working on another diploma. I hold down a part-time grocery store job. And I'm so glad all the problems are behind me now.