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Thread: Glucocorticoids and bone loss

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    Default Glucocorticoids and bone loss

    Hmmm, interesting. Glucocorticoids did not appear to increase risk of loss of bone mineral density.

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    For a while I was diagnosed with osteopenia but then it went away. I like to think that keeping up with exercise routines had a role.

    And if people with MS have osteopenia/osteoporosis more often than the general population, could it be because we tend to exercise far less than we should because of muscle weakness and other MS problems limiting our mobility?
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    I've always shied away from steroids because of the risk of brittle bones associated with their use.

    I don't know how this squares with the conflicting research, but if steroids don't risk bone density, I might reconsider them to expedite the resolution of a relapse.

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