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Thread: Duration of headache

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    Default Duration of headache

    Hi Guys,

    How long does the CC headache last? I get headache when I bend forward, headache is very sharp but it doesn't last long. Few seconds to couple of minutes. I strongly doubt of it is CC headache?


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    Default studies often talk of positional headaches associated with colloid cysts

    Hi James:

    The first couple of headaches that I remember lasted hours but later they would sometimes subside after a few minutes. The literature talks often of colloid cyst headaches as having a "positional" component of which I don't recall getting any relief from changing positions but here are a few quotes regarding such:

    Did they say what dimensions your cyst was? Some centers prefer to operate on any cysts 1cm or larger.

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    I have 8mm cyst. But I feel like crap all the time ...

    Tinnitus, Blurred vision, Dizziness, Mild headache that just do not go away.

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