Hi, been reading for a while but this is my first post. On 01/11/14 I became unresponsive at work and eventually an ambulance was called for me as on the surface nothing looked physically wrong with me. A CT scan confirmed that I had acute hydrocephalus and an emergency op was performed to insert an E.V.D to allow csf to flow out. I was on life support for a short while and spent several days in critical care. They said I was extremely lucky as my brain was coning, and I was very close to dying.

Coming round in critical care and my brain recovering from the pressure was a very strange experience. I could hear all sorts of strange noises and thought the hospital was made by Nintendo, and that magic was being performed on other patients to fix them. I was also convinced the nurses were tying to kill me, and at one time when I was trying to use a bed pan to go to the loo, convinced myself that I was being filmed for a hidden camera show as I could hear laughing, and I tried to pull all my cannulas out as I thought it was all a joke!

Anyway, I had MRI scans and they saw that I had a colloid cyst. I recently found out that they didn't see it at first as although it was 17mm, it was showing as the same colour as the surrounding tissue so wasn't that obvious. It was endoscopically removed on 10/11/14 and I was discharged just under a week later. Initially I went back to hospital as didn't feel too great and had vomited, but they put this down to the oramorph I was taking but they said it was best to come back and I had another MRI which confirmed I was ok.

Leading up to that day, I definitely was losing the plot and we all thought, including myself, that I was having a nervous breakdown. I'd been to the docs the day before and was prescribed betablockers to help me cope with the stress of work, as that's what I thought my problem was, and the doc wasn't to know what was going on in my head.

For a long time i'd always had short term memory problems, and I wanted to sleep all the time just before it happened, and I was definitely feeling the pressure in my head and was struggling to cope with the most simplest of things. I'd also been to the docs before about blocked sinuses but nothing was really looked into. My sinuses are so much clearer now and I remember coming round from the surgery and feeling so clear in my head. The most significant thing that I had pre surgery and for at least 15 years was really bad breath, pooh breath, which my wife tells me has now completely disappeared which is great! I've done a lot of reading on here lately and other websites too but not read of anyone else having bad breath due to a colloid cyst. Has anyone else had this and now gone after surgery? I guess this was related to my sinuses being blocked but I may be wrong.

I have briefly been back to work which I found hard but am on annual leave at the moment, and not looking forward to going back next week. Definitely don't feel 100% and from reading on here, could take a long time.

Anyway, good to speak to other people that have had the same thing happen and share our experiences.