((((((Mary Grace)))))) ~

My goodness! You heard me?! Because I have been saying that to you all day! Seriously ~ that is the energy I sent to you today. To relax from head to toe and breathe. And the tropical image worked for you to forestall that throat tickle ~ just wonderful! I'm so happy that these images helped you, Mary Grace. For me, it is the best way to feel that I have some control over a situation. And that facilitates relaxation. So great that I could be with you today!

A nice warm, candlelit bubble bath with some Epsom salts mixed in, will be good to relieve your aching muscles from the test. Then repeat the breathing and relaxation technique, when you go to bed. Sweet dreams.

Prayers continue for you as you await results, dear friend ~

And when you wake up in the morning, come on over to our oasis, where we'll have smoothies and healthy, tasty breakfast treats, and coffee or tea if you need it!

Love & Light,