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Thread: Happy New Year!

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    Happy (late) new year, my friends! I just returned from Australia and have been straight back into it with work this morning!! Having James over meant we had a couple of weeks of some wonderful food, sights, and activities!! I'm sure those of you on Facebook have seen my photos! The family was in a bit of a spin when I left... my dad has moved back to NZ (different city) for work but my mum and siblings are still in Australia. The house was kind of crazy because just after my dad left, my brother's girlfriend had a fall out with her landlord and moved in to their house, so we had them and her cat, plus our three pets, and my mum and sister... and while James was staying, I was relegated to my mum's bed, which we also shared with the dogs most nights... enjoying the peace and quiet to say the least!! But I enjoyed spending the time with everyone all the same, having late night chats with my mum etc. She is increasingly affected with her MS, in terms of not being able to walk or drive far anymore, and especially cognitively, which is frustrating for everyone else at times but also strengthens our bond both having lived experience of disability... I just hope my siblings help her out to the level they need to... I can't do much from here. Next time I see my parents I will be getting ready to graduate which is very exciting.... 2015 promises to be a year of new challenges and opportunities. May we all enjoy it!
    Enjoying the excitements of life. Looking forward to what's to come! What a ride!

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    Sounds like a nice family visit. I'm sorry to hear about your mom but I'm sure she love having you around. Can't wait to read about graduation! What an exciting year this looks like for you. Thanks for sharing with us.
    Mary Grace

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