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  1. Dermatologic Adverse Events Induced by Molecularly Targeted Cancer Agents

    Dr. Mario Lacouture from Memorial Sloan-Kettering Center Center in New York and his colleagues from the Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine in Chicago, have suggested in a new study...
  2. Breast Cancer Gene Expression Profiling Has Not Achieved Personalized Medicine Yet

    Although ten years of genetic profiling has had an enormous impact on the understanding of breast cancer, progress on individualizing therapy has been rather limited, researchers from the UK and USA...
  3. Personalized Targeted therapy is still trial-and-error treatment

    Although the theory behind targeted therapy is appealing, the reality is more complex. For example, cancer cells often have many mutations in many different pathways, so even if one route is shut...
  4. Why Do Some Breast Cancers Stop Responding to Targeted Therapy?

    Targeted therapy halts the growth of certain cancers by zeroing in on a signaling molecule critical to the survival of those cancer cells. The drugs are effective in about 10-15% of patients. The...
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