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    Yes, size wise they were great fit, they are...

    Yes, size wise they were great fit, they are roomy if u want to go bigger but dont slip and can be worn inside and out and quite amazingly comfortable. Although in winter they arent as warm as furry...
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    I wear just the classic clog ones , Amazon sometime have them in unpopular colours reduced on offer.

    But yes i wear them all the time, its a kindof raised dot textured inner sole but also they are...
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    What a Croc

    Love 'em or hate them heres a study into how wearing crocs helps us MS folks with walking. I never have mine off my feet , even in the bath.
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    I have had a weakened esophegus for a long while. Having food stuck half way to your stomach can only be described as the most horrendous pain altho u can and do get used to it.
  5. bacs

    I personally think we are here for the benefit of bacterias and not the other way round. I think they are harvesting us - in a very clever way ... scary :eek:
  6. Gut Bacteria and MS , are we what we eat ?

    V interesting article.

    Especially the sterile mice who are fine till they get colonized ( no pun intended )
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    i'm sure i'm the same.

    As a youngster we mucked about with air guns , holding the lead pellets in our mouths while both hands were occupied. Later as a tech i used to enjoy the smell of fresh...
  8. LDN

    Its a very interesting subject. Big pharma ( cosnpiracy mode -on) dont like cheap therapies like LDN becuase its only about $20 a month.

    Regulate your immune system by endorphins modulation. Its...
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    3 sessions in 7 years , one IV and then 2 loads...

    3 sessions in 7 years , one IV and then 2 loads of oral tablets.
  10. Thread: flares

    by northernlite

    " no convincing relapses" said the neurologist .....

    " no convincing relapses" said the neurologist .. thats 3 yrs this sept.
    I put it down to the IFN beta therapy and an adjusted lifestyle.

    beware the silent damage.
  11. Its not an easy comparison. Price and cost are 2...

    Its not an easy comparison. Price and cost are 2 totally diffferent things. The cost of producing IFNb ( i think its actually made in the US ) is the same for everyone. The problem lies in the cost...
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    Its a multi billion $ industry , were all valuable revenue objects to big pharma. They dont want simple cures or answers ... just check out LDN.
  13. I suppose..

    That to date they hadn't yet identified the true cause of MS. What this study did i think was help prove beyond reasonable doubt , that its Immunological for sure.

    How they then work out what all...
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    I couldnt get in

    But I can now , this is how...

    Couldnt get logged in from main page , asked for password reset and it sent my very old , previous , username. this wasnt my usual username , but one from times...
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    Vit D again - more new news

    mechanisim of action seen
  16. I helped

    I contributed DNA to this study and have a letter from Dr Compton , seems such a good idea to identify the genes involved. Upto 57 now - WOW,

    it makes me feel really good that their is such a...
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