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    by Published on 02-24-2020 01:57 PM

    As we embark on a fresh install of the forums, as we have done several times in the history of this community, I would like to take some time to remember some of the events that have made this community unique. One such event that sticks out in my mind was the Great Server Flood of 2003. I have managed to dig up the original post made by one of BrainTalk Communities's founders, John Lester, explaining the incident regarding the sudden unannounced downtime that had left so many of us frantic, thinking BrainTalk had disappeared forever.
    Quote Originally Posted by John Lester
    This is also an excellent example of how BrainTalk Communities has grown and evolved over the years. In addition to the latest improvements, over the years we have grown to have a larger administrative staff, that are now able to work remotely. We now use a hosted Virtual Private Server (VPS), where the VPS servers do daily backups to "offline" servers in case the online servers have problems. If there's no quick fix, the offline server is brought online while they work on the broken one. This now gives us our flood protection, and instant redundancy from any other crisis that may befall BrainTalk Communities.

    More BrainTalk History to come....

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