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How do I report a "Bad Post" or SPAM?

This little triangle is the Moderator buzzer....

Click on this when you find a post that you believe is in need of moderator attention. It will open a message box for you to write a detailed reason for why you are reporting the post. Once reported, it sends an email to all the moderators of that forum and creates a discussion thread in one of the moderator's forums.

The identity of the user reporting the post is only known to the moderators, and will be kept confidential. Please help the moderators by reporting any inappropriate posts promptly. By doing so, everyone can be a functional part of the moderating team.

Thanks for you help...

What is the Infraction/Warning System, and how does it work?

This system of "User Infractions" is based on points given for the violation(s), or the frequency of violations in a defined period of time. Because we believe that the use of the "Frequency of Violations" would be too much like a "3 Strikes & You're Out" attitude, not allowing for the difference in severity of the violation. Therefore, we will be using the point system.

In this system specific violations of the Terms of Service and Community Policy located in the FAQs will be configured as "Infraction Levels".

Infraction Levels will be configured as follows, this is a rough description of how it works....
  1. Points: A point value based on the severity of the violation. For example, spammers, pornography, & researchers would get enough points so that they would be immediately receive a permanent ban, while someone who merely lost their temper & posted something inappropriate would get a very small number of points.
  2. Expiration Time: Each infraction has an expiration time. These are set to the amount of time that this infraction stays in the user's "Infraction Record". Once the expiration time has passed, the points are removed.
  3. Ban Levels: These are set at levels so that temporary or permanent bans are given when member has received enough points for that level. Example: A one day ban may be set for 5 points, 2 days at 10pts, where a permanent ban might be at 50-100.....
  4. Suspension vs Banning: For this system, BTC has created a new group for those that have received a temporary ban. This is the "Suspended User" group. When a user is placed on a temporary ban, they are given the permissions of this usergroup rather than the "Banned" usergroup. This way, a member that is suspended, can still be allowed some forum privileges.
Please Note:
  1. Infraction points add up. If a user receives enough Infraction Points to add up to a Ban Level, before the expiration time is up for the infractions, then they will be banned for the period of time that the number of points allows.
  2. Infractions are Reversible This may only be done by communicating privately with the moderators. The way to do this is by contacting them through email.
  3. Infractions are Discussed. Using features available in vBulletin, we now have a forum where all infractions given, automatically create a discussion thread. Here moderators are kept informed about all actions taken. Since no moderator is above making errors of judgement, or the possibility of simply clicking on the wrong button, this gives a space for the other moderators to comment and give their opinion. If it is decided that any action taken was improper for the situation, then it can, and will be adjusted if needed.
  4. Our Infraction System will be an ongoing development. Over time, we will be developing this system, editing and amending it to better suit the needs of the community, to more effectively, & and fairly give consequences to situations that commonly occur here. When new issues regarding violations of BTC policy, new infractions may be defined and added.
My personal opinion; Is that it will give an approach to our online community moderation that shows more "Mercy under the Law", so to speak. All infractions except the most extreme all are "forgiven" over time. The only ones that get permanently banned will be those who insist upon repeatedly breaking the rules. Since all warnings given are also governed by the same expiration period, when dealing with minor infractions, usually only those with a previous warning for that offense will receive infraction points. If I can tweak things right, "Suspended Users" will have a forum where they may freely and openly discuss their position with the moderators.

What you can do as members: All of us volunteering at BTC always invite members to post any ideas, suggestions, and even constructive criticisms & complaints.

By all means, please feel perfectly free to comment or ask questions, however, BTC does expect that they follow the Community Policy of being Supportive, Respectful, & Informative.

Thank you for your participation & cooperation.

David Hosobuchi
Community Manager

This post may be edited or amended as developments to this system are implemented.

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