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The sun is shining

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but it is freezing out there lol. Despite my anxiety constantly niggling at me I have been able to maintain a decent mood. Not really depressed, mentally exhausted cause my brain doesn't shut up. constantly reminding me of all the things I am not doing and those that need to be done. I am thinking it is time to start entertaining the thought of some real meditation throughout the day. I can use the short breathing techniques for cigarette cravings and something more intense for those moments when I just can't stand things anymore.

My knee is feeling better so back to the Gazelle, only been like three days. I have to find a way to get it in the house. I know where to put it but get swinging those legs and it makes the footprint bigger. Won't really know until we get it in. I don't care that my living room looks like a gym lol. I also have one of those big balls that needs airing up. I have considered getting rid of this computer chair and using the ball for my computer jaunts. Great for the core. Also getting the Wii together today. I forgot it yesterday.

Think I will get off the computer and tend to that.


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