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Well it has been

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a little while since I was here. One of the steel pipes in the basement finally burst. I have been trying to get that pipe replaced for 4 yrs. Was told they would eventually go. So went without water Sunday through to most of yesterday. CJ fixed it yesterday before work. There is still more to be done, a lot more, new water heater in, new water softener in and then it will be good as new thank God. That all will take a huge lingering weight off my shoulders. Well I made it all day Monday and most of Tuesday without a cigarette. Basically smoked a total of about 6 yesterday evening. That's what I get for giving my tobacco to my kid to hide. Lie and he gets it out for me. thinks I am giving it away. It's terrible, the gum helped so much. I am not going to quit quitting. It is like a mental disease smoking has given me. Mind over matter, I hate that one. From everything that I have read my quitting smoking falls in the category of titrating down with help from nicotine gum or patches. I want to go cold turkey. Don't quit quitting.

It has gotten cold out, of course. The critters are everywhere getting ready for winter. Dash got skunkified last night. Good thing I got him immediately into the tub and washed it off before it got a real chance to get in. The house stinks so I have been lighting candles. A friend is bringing me some skunk be gone even though Dawn does wonders. CJ has my car, I have no appts this week so I told him just to keep it. If I need anything he will bring it before work.

Jared and I went to For Mar's Fall Festival. Got to see the new treehouse that the treehouse builder guy from tv built for them. Had our picture taken, hope to see that soon. Went on a hay ride. Enjoyed ourselves, was a bit chilly but the sun shone all day so that was a big help.

I have taken on another foster, a cat. She and her sister were found beside the road. They said someone went by and threw them out of their car, Citrine lost a foot and has road rash, they are both terrified of men and fearful of people in general. Diamond misses her sister and cries out for her so pitifully. She runs and hides when I go into the foster room but if I sit and sweet talk her she comes out and crawls back in her bed in the crate. The rescue lady said that Diamond tested positive for feline Leukemia so has to be separated from the other cats. She has a place to go to live out her life as best she can for as long as she can on Tuesday. The asshat that was fostering her sister who tested negative that is why they are apart decided to try to manhandle Citrine and she freaked, peed, clawed and hid in his house. REscue lady had to go get her so now she once again needs a place. I have offered to take her on Tuesday when Diamond goes until they get her set up. There is also a very pregnant mama that needs fostering. Asked Jared if he wanted to do kittens again and he said not right now lol.

I still have not finished with the yard for winter. Fall seems to have passed us by. It went from 90 to 70 to 50 in like three days. One fall day in there. Now it is just cold and windy. I have noticed that it seems like we have more windy days than we use to and every year it gets worse. Think I will do some research.

I have been considering looking for a job. Drive for Uber or Lyft. I could clean out my car real good, get to work when I want, some services are better to their employees that others. I don't know if I could sit that long though. I would have to get out regularly to stretch my legs and back. Cj's child support dries up soon and I will be very much worse off. I got $6.07 for child support from Brandon's dad. I don't know what kind of **** he has going on, it even comes on a different day than usual. I need to make some money, I would love to vendor at the club. I have already made up a list of things to vend. I have no investment capital. I would need at least $500 to start. Granny Dab's Attic. Already have permission. A table is only $25 a day and that is not bad at all. I need to see how it will affect my SSI and do some research on the different driver options.

Was using the Gazelle pretty faithfully but then spots in my right knee really started hurting and I can't tell if I am screwing things up or if those are just the smaller muscles in my knee finally being used so have not used it since Sunday. Giving it a break. I have put the exercise chair back in the living room and know where the CD is and I also paid five bucks for a new Wii sensor bar for the fun working out games, I kinda vacuumed up the little connector cord on the original one lol. OOops lol. Story of my life.

I think Dear Diary that all is more than enough. I would love to look back at these and see that my life is better than it was here when I started. I am slow but i am trying. Oh and I did get my sewing room all cleaned, mopped and made more kitty friendly. So there is one big fat one in my book. Have slowly been getting laundry done also, purging is going well.


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    Sorry about the pipe! :(

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