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Friday, I love

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fridays. It means that I get a bit of a mental break from the everyday "business" hours stuff. I can loosen up those parachute straps. jared will be gone tomorrow night so maybe I can go out to a free concert. Friends will be celebrating a birthday tonight but they will be at the bar. I have no money for that though I know all I need would be maybe two drinks and a coke and enough friends would be happy to buy a drink for me. It's practically a straight shot from here to there. I don't like to ask though, I have always missed out on their get togethers because of money, lunches, dinners, out for an impromptu drink. If they have a party at their home or mine it is a different story.

Blah blah blah, I feel decent today. Meds have hit their stride and though I am missing one I have gotten through the withdrawals, I have meds I need to pick up and anything that needs refilling I have an appointment at doc for refills. Just my Neurontin. I want my psych meds back. Primary cut them back even though psych is who prescribed them. Hoping to get off of some heart meds soon. Will need to get through the withdrawals from those then. It will be worth it and I will manage.

I must get this down, I have come up with an ingenious way to wash my walls. I bought a new carpet cleaner and it has the pet attachment with rubber roller that works amazing I am going to try washing my walls with that. The attachments will reach way over my head and since it is not actually rough scrubbing it should still clean the walls. I dread the thought of washing them by hand. almost would rather paint. Told my psych that when I quit smoking I would wash walls then she had to bring up my pain level lol, talk about a rude reminder. That's alright I have two weeks to go before I quit smoking so I can make up a plan to keep me occupied. It's going to hurt this quitting smoking because I am going to have to keep really busy the first couple of weeks. Gives me time to get the property winter ready and do some purging. I think I am going to store a few things and have a spring yard sale. I need the money I still want to vendor but I need some start up capital. I need about $1000 and I am not even close plus Christmas is coming so there goes any bills in December. I will spend Oct. and Nov. catching up for what I owe right now. I have to work on Oct. money out and how I am going to divvy it up. which means pay everything and be broke for the rest of the month.

The Gazelle sitting there on the back patio is so convenient and since I go out there a couple times a day it is nothing to jump on it and look at our beautiful yard and there seems to be more squirrels than there ever were and they are so busy. We have an over abundance of nut trees. A couple of times a day, not overworking myself, not going all out yet, building and getting use to how to hold my body while on it and to remember to bend my knees like I am skiing only no impact, remembering to breathe because I tend to hold my breathe.

I got some music therapy in yesterday and the day before. I love listening to music while I .......well all the time. I think I will look up some info on how music affects the brain. Maybe post it here somewhere.

This is actually Saturday now. Is morning but I feel antsy like I need to do something, have two boxes started with stuff to get rid of. Going to store a shelf so I can bring in the Gazelle and plant it in my living room. I will quit using it if I have to get bundled up to go out to use it this winter.


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