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they cancelled

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my doc appt for injections. Guess my wonderful doc office didn't do the referral. so I am waiting for the first to do that too. Meds are kicking in so the withdrawals are leaving just have that kind of floatiness I get from starting new meds, well they're not new whatever.

Now I am out of MMJ meds, no clue how to rectify that, got no money. Ate out two nights in a row, have guilt about that even if it was cheaper than the grocery store.

Friend is bugging about game night. I opened my big mouth about making a game night once a month and had some takers so now they want. My biggest issue is making sure my house is clean once a month LMAO. Isn't that sadly hysterical. It would be perfect for these winter months. I really want to do it but I am afraid no one would come, like my last party. I guess I will go over my calendar and pick a saturday evening and see what happens. Gonna do it in an event on FB.

Would like to go to the club today, been awhile. Least get out of the house socially.

I haven't written here about Brandon and Jen because it hurts and it makes me angry. They are broke up, after six years. She got a good job, told him stay home with the kids she wanted to work so of course met Ted Bundy on the job and after six weeks he has bought her a house and is paying to fix it up, had her car fixed, proposed and introduced her to his family. She is so desperate to get out from under Brandon's grandmother that she jumped at it. When she and Brandon talk about it and she is feeling generous she plays it off like nothing with this guy is solidified, he knows nothing aobut her, knows nothing aobut kids. Everyone she has talked to has told her not to run. Things get tough she runs, that's what she does I guess. Everyone that knows the guy tells her he is not right. Though what that means who knows. So Jen has got the perfect father at home while she stays out all night and lies. The kids had an idea that something was wrong, they hardly saw their mother and mom was acting strange when she was there. So she decided it was a good idea to sit the kids down and tell them mom and dad aren't together anymore, tears, mom left room and left it up to my son to tell them that she was seeing somebody else, hysterics, then they were going to meet him in an hour. Like ripping the bandage off a huge wound. She has promised both Brandon and the kids that they would not be separated. In fact they looked into Brandon adopting the kids but not in Michigan if they are not married. They were heartbroken. This is Brandon's grandmother's fault. She almost come right out and accused the 12yr old of trying to seduce Brandon because she was sitting on the side of B's bed and talking as he was waking up. Kept peeking in the door like she was waiting for something to happen. She threatened to cal Child Protective Services on them. She is crazy, bizarre messed up woman. Jen went into panic mode and jumped at what the guy was offering. So sad, Brandon has his hopes up that it really isn't over, Jen needs some space. I have no clue what will happen. He is bordering on suicidal and violent.


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