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Feeling a tad better

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Hurting pretty bad today not going to stay on the puter for long. Got my meds situated thank you God. Now to get my brain use to them again. Still really feeling the Pamelor withdrawal even though I have had two doses already. they cancelled my back injections yesterday. Have to reschedule after the first of the month. great.

Everything else is becoming a habit. Ha! I have created a new morning routine for myself. Takes less than ten minutes and is all beneficial. Actually more if I include blogging and doing my rescue and foster check ins. I'm doing it. One thing at a time. Okay Nan, remind me of what I already know.

It is a drab rainy morning supposed to be this way all day, yes my body know this. So going to have brunch and get comfy and watch movies and do something about this pain. Nippin it in the bud so to speak.

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Chris is babbling again.


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