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Trying today

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I woke a bit early but I feel much better today. Amazing what a good night sleep after a shower, clean sheets and a tad of smoke will do. I got the worst of the lawn done yesterday I didn't weed whack but that is coming when I can. Not going to fret about that. I have to take Chunk to the vet today. That is if CARE calls me and okays it because I am broke. Possible upper respiratory issues. Got a cold maybe.

After watching a couple of simple but crucial exercise videos for your back on recommendation of my semi health nut brother I have added one simple exercise when I sit up in bed to my routine. Working my trapezius muscles. Third day in. Really gets the blood flow going and makes the muscles feel lighter. Also trying to be more conscious of my posture.

I realized this morning that in all this babbling, ranting and self pity I have made lists of things that need to be done and things I want to do but I haven't done a self check for what I have. As soon as I think of the things I have I get this almost humble feeling. It's not the things it's the place. I think if I had a Michigan room I would live out there. If my iPad worked properly I would be out there.

'Spose to be like 86 today so no fire though I would love to. We have a big fat ground hog living under my grandpa's little red storage barn. Drives Dash nuts, I make a lot of noise before I let Dash out to give a heads up so the ground hog will run home first. Dash has stopped barking furiously at him cause he knows it is of no use he just runs around sniffing everywhere the ground hog was lol.

Okay I digress, a roof over my head, clean water to drink (in Flint that is a commodity), my boys, my sweet boys, CJ's help, my beautiful yard, my Dash who I adore, being able to foster, my car is fixed, a good therapist, decent doctors ( I have been lucky, terrible staff), food, ability to get medical care, ability to pay my bills even if they aren't always on time, child support without which I wouldn't be able to make it, a new water heater, a new water softener, washer and dryer that work even if I do hardly use them lmao, a dishwasher without which I would be screwed. I think I would stand on a corner to get money for a new dishwasher oh not really. So many other little things.


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