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Not sleeping so good

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For some reason I tossed and turned even though I smoked before bed and did my usual routine. Was kind of hot at first but cooled right down. lots of vivid dreaming. Brain working too hard, usually don't get that until just before waking. Decided at three thirty in the morning to get up. Is six now decided to put on something warmer and find something to do.

I am cancelling both my doc appts today. That woman did not bring my babies to me and I am worried. What she doesn't know is that I have someone who lives a few streets over who is willing to go over there and collect them and bring them to me. Maybe I can get CJ's car today. I do have a few things that need doing.

Found my partial. Cried and thanked God. He always has my back. Too bad I don't remember that all day long. Had even called the dentist, seven hundred and fifty dollars for a replacement, only get one every five years.

Yesterday was relatively productive. Started off slow but Jared and I got some stuff done. Time to check my big list and see if I can knock something out now that I have gotten a few things done. Listen to some music, go through some stuff.

LOL maybe I should just go back to bed.


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